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Hotel Alps Resort | Hotels in Dalhousie | Hotel Review

Hotel Alps Resort | Hotels in Dalhousie

Hotels in Dalhousie

I recently visited Dalhousie hill station in Himachal Pradesh. 

There I stayed in Hotel Alps resort for the entire duration of my visit. 

This post shares my experience of the hotel. Its pros and cons and my thoughts about it. I hope it is useful to those who plan to stay here in future. 

So let's begin this Review.

DALHOUSIE - Brief Introduction

Dalhousie is a beautiful hill station in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh in India. Named after a British Governor General of India, Dalhousie boasts of scenic beauty, green hills and snowfall in winter months, typically around the new year time. 
Planning on visiting Dalhousie in winter, try and check the weather before planning to know when snowfall can be expected.


Hotel Alps Resort is one of the most popular hotels in Dalhousie, according to both MakeMyTrip as well as TripAdvisor.

So I booked the same for my trip to Dalhousie. 

I visited Dalhousie at New Year's time.

The whole ambiance of the hotel gives an old world feel. The rooms are large but very sparsely furnished.

hotels in dalhousie

hotels in dalhousie

The rooms had no fan or AC! I believe this to be because Dalhousie always has cold or pleasant weather.

There are two types of rooms, garden view and regular. Garden view rooms have a window overlooking a small garden area of the hotel. If your garden view room is on the ground floor, then it opens into the garden itself.

Garden View

There is also a dining area near the reception.


The location of the Hotel Alps Resort is great. 

Its a few Kms away from Gandhi Chowk and the main market, but it is walkable. 

It is on Khajjar road, some km from the main city towards Khajjar. Due to this, there is no rush around the hotel premises and much easier to reach Khajjar for sightseeing.

The food is good. The taste suits all types of people and both veg and non-veg food is offered. The hotel has Breakfast, Lunch, evening snacks and Dinner options. 

A buffet is not offered and all items are prepared as per order from the menu. The food has a very homely feel.

The garden area is good and provides a great place to sit and even have food during sunshine.
During new year eve, the garden area was also utilized for a bonfire and DJ night. That really made the night more memorable.
hotels in dalhousie

hotels in dalhousie


Since the temperature in Dalhousie remains cold, room heaters are provided in all rooms.

However, they are not of great quality. The one in my room was hardly effective and since the rooms are so big, running the heater was as good as not running anything. It got really cold at night and we found it tough to fall asleep initially.
Most hotels, even cheaper than this hotel, offer room heater ACs. They are much more effective in keeping the room temperature normal. This hotel, however, did not offer any such option.
The service is kind of lazy and slow. In spite of repeatedly asking for a new heater, we got a replacement after 1 day. 

Even in their dining area, the serving person would serve the food and then run off somewhere.

Tap water was also not centrally heated. Individual geysers were provided in all bathrooms but hot water connection was not present in washbasin taps, at least not in my room!


Though the hotel tries to show off an old-world feel, skimping on basic amenities is not justifiable. Especially in such a cold place. Considering its price, it's highly unacceptable

hotels in dalhousie

hotels in dalhousie

I fail to understand how this place got 4+ reviews on review sites.

I would rate it 3.5 out of 5.

If you are visiting Dalhousie in winters, and cant handle extreme cold, avoid this hotel!

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hotel alps resort, hotels in Dalhousie, hotel review


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