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Day Trip To Maheshwar Fort, Madhya Pradesh | Places To Visit Near Indore

Maheshwar Fort, Madhya Pradesh | Places To Visit Near Indore Indore is one of the most beautiful cities in India. With a vibrant culture and a love for tasty street food, one can not stop oneself from falling in love with this amazing city. 

It was also, recently awarded the title of the cleanest city in India.
However, it is not just its food, culture or cleanliness, but also its places to visit that attract people. There are a few amazing places in the close vicinity of Indore.

Today, in this post, I am going to share my travel experience with one such place near Indore - MAHESHWAR. Check out all the pics and videos to get a wholesome experience.

Day trip to MaheshwarNot many people are aware of this place. Even those living in Indore either haven't heard of it or haven't visited it yet.

I guess that is the reason why this place is still clean and not overflowing with people, for now!Check out the Mobile Wallpapers from my Maheshwar Trip.
Maheshwar basically has the fort of Devi A…