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Siliserh Lake - Alwar, Rajasthan | Places to visit in Alwar

Alwar is a small city of Rajasthan, situated just 150 KMs from the capital of India, and is also roughly midway between Delhi and Jaipur.

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Surrounded by the Aravallis on one side and lush green fields on the other, this small city has a very picturesque landscape and is, no wonder, a pretty good tourist destination.

And reaching this city from Delhi is also very easy and quick. You can either book a cab, or take your own car, and drive to Alwar. It would take only 3 hours to reach. Or you can also take a train journey from Delhi. There are plenty of trains that start from Delhi that stop at Alwar. These include Shatabdi, Garib Rath as well as Double Decker Express trains.

Though it only has a few major tourist sports, they all are worth a visit. Some major attractions in Alwar include Sariska Tiger Reserve, Bhangarh Fort, Siliserh Lake etc.

siliserh lake - places to visit in Alwar

In this post, I will be sharing my experience of visiting the Siliserh Lake during my trip to Alwar, Rajasthan. It is one of the best places to visit in Alwar.

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Siliserh Lake - Introduction & Location

From Alwar city, the Siliserh Lake is just an 18 KMs drive. It lies towards the outskirts of the city towards the Aravalli ranges.

It is the same road that one takes for visiting the Sariska Tiger Reserve. However, Sariska is much further down that road.

This tourist spot is basically a lake formed due to the creation of a small dam. The lake area is very low lying and is surrounded by rocky Aravallis. Due to this, during monsoons, the rainwater flows down the hills and collects in the low lying area forming a lake. To prevent this water from flowing down to the city, a small dam has been created, resulting in the formation of a beautiful and picturesque lake.

There is also a small palace built on the banks of this lake which now houses a small restaurant and siting area. There are also rooms for tourists to stay. And finally, there is a boating service as well.

If you want the exact location and route map, you can CLICK THIS LINK to see the location and route on Google maps.

The Palace

When you reach the lake, you can see the dam area. If you are visiting on a holiday, expect some crowd here. Till this point, you don't need to pay anything. You can park your vehicle along the road and check out the lake from the dam. There are a few street food kiosks as well.

siliserh lake

However, this location won't give you the best view of the lake. For that, you need to visit the palace area which charges Rs 100 per person as an entry fee.
siliserh lake palace

But it is definitely worth it. The view from there is amazing and breathtaking. You get a panoramic view of the lake and its surrounding hills. If you visit during Monsoons, you will find the hills to be lush green.

siliserh lake - places to visit in Alwar

The palace is approximately a 1 KM drive from the dam area. Don't think about walking till there as the area is full of a large number of monkeys and it's better to drive than invite trouble. Keep the 100 rs entry ticket safe as it entitles you to a complimentary coffee/cold drink/water bottle at the restaurant above.

The palace houses rooms for the tourists to stay, a restaurant and boating area.
places to visit in Alwar

siliserh lake palace 
siliserh lake - places to visit in Alwar

places to visit in Alwar

siliserh lake

siliserh lake

siliserh lake - places to visit in Alwar

There is enough space for people to sit outside and enjoy the amazing view. You can also sit inside the restaurant if you don't like sitting outside.

Many people love to order food from the restaurant and sit outside to eat. Though it's definitely an awesome experience, one needs to wary of the monkeys.

siliserh lake sunset

siliserh lake sunset

You can visit this place during the afternoon at around 3-4 and stay till sunset. The sun setting behind the hills makes for an amazing visual.

Final Thoughts

I personally found this place to be amazing. The lake and the surrounding hills give this place a very surreal feel. 

If you happen to visit this place on a cloudy day with some rain, then it will be an even awesome experience. Don't forget to carry a DSLR or a good camera smartphone. You would definitely want to capture those awesome visuals once you see them.

How did you find the article? Do let me know in the comments below. Don't forget to share your experiences if you have already been there.

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